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A few different perfumes for every day?

Have you ever thought about using a few different perfumes thru the day?

The main idea of SSTAGIONI perfume is very simple. On the morning when you just got up and feel refresh you would love to start your day with fresh and citrusy fragrance. By doing a day after lunch you might want to try something fruity and flowery. But close to evning let`s try somthing more spicy and oriental. And finish you day with deep sexy fragrance for date night. You will never be bored by using just one prefume all day long! Choose a four SSTAGIONI frangance or pick one of your favorite. But we promiss, that you could definatly find at list one of your the best choice. Our perfume was created in Italy. Visit our studio in Los Angeles, in the heart of Hollywood.

8383 Wilshire Blvd, studio 215, Beverly Hills, 90212. Tel. +1.626.531.1353

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